Very professional and responsive. I hired Alexandra through a strong recommendation from a family friend. She has been very professional and fair during a difficult and challenging time. She has helped navigate through tough and uncertain obstacles.
– Jake  

Professional and Joyful Counsel. I filed for divorce. I was assigned Alexandra and what a joy it was to have her handle my case. There were several twists in my case. She handled them with ease, adeptness, and with positive results. Alexandra is professional, explained the processes clearly, was timely with email responses and oral communication. My emotions ran high; however, Alexandra exhibited great listening skills. She also kept me grounded with reality and the law. She was always prepared for our meetings and court. Alexandra provided sound advice and answered all of my questions. She asked questions which led me to think about what I wanted to do. She verified information I shared with her that would aid my case and told me directly what was not needed. All petitions were shared before they were presented in court which eased the stress I was experiencing. Transparency was high so I was not taken by surprise when I arrived in court. Her paralegal was always prompt with decisions made by the court, often sent within a couple hours of the court decision indicating whether I had to appear at the next hearing, and also professional in my contacts with her. Her fee, I thought, was fair (I visited with two other lawyers before hiring Alexandra). While my case has yet to be decided, I anticipate continued high-level representation by Alexandra. I am glad I hired Alexandra to represent me. I highly recommend Attorney Martinez!
– Richard 

Great attorney for Divorce and Immigration. Alex was very helpful and understand. Always there for me when I needed her help. She has a great assistant that was very knowledgeable and very willing to help. I never have to worry about not finding my attorney. Great team!
– Anonymous 

Extremely Capable Attorney. Ms Martinez was retained after one telephonic consultation. As a client, all the resident requirements for Illinois were met but preferred to remain out of state during the process of the divorce negotiations. Therefore the initial contact with Ms Martinez and subsequent consultations were handled by telephone or email. This in and of itself may not seem remarkable in this day and age but if you factor in her ability to assess the emotional state of all parties through emails and phone calls, ensure everyone’s rights are observed, and still negotiate the settlement of a multicultural family, then you can see her task was more difficult than one could imagine. The first personal meeting with Ms Martinez was our day in court and as expected she was confident in the courtroom. Despite the complexities of our case, Ms Martinez was straight forward and explained all possible outcomes in a manner which a person with no legal training could understand. She delivered the desired outcome and then helped close out the process in the County Clerk’s office. Ms Martinez can best be characterized as an extremely capable attorney with the ability to help the client see through their emotional state, understand the right legal path, and ensure no one’s rights are ignored.

Excellent legal representation. Ms. Martinez represented me in a family support case. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ms. Martinez. She was a consummate professional. Her preparation throughout this process was impeccable. She thoroughly researched case law which buttressed our argument during the trial. I would not hesitate to use her service in the future and I strongly recommend her should you need the services she provides.
– Lance

Attentive and professional. I’ve had Ms. Martinez as a lawyer for the past 10 months. She is very attentive to my case which turned out to be very challenging. It had unexpected twist and was able to handle each one. The outcome was what I wanted and expected. I would definitely refer her to friends and colleagues in need of representation.

Quality Representation. Ms Martinez was very thorough while working on my case. She respected my request to court and went in with a bulldog tenacity, and made it happen. I would highly recommend her.

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