Child Support

Understanding Your Rights in Illinois

As of July 2017, the State of Illinois adopted an Income-shares model in which both parents’ Income and the number of overnights with each parent are now part of the overall calculation. Prior to July 2017, a strict percentage was applied to the payor’s net Income without any regard to the other parent’s Income. To offset this difference, however, the new guidelines now require that the contribution to other child expenses be allocated according to each party’s Income. Under State law, amendments to the initial child support order can be made by the court in circumstances of a new job or a loss of one’s job

Few people know that the law regarding child support in the State of Illinois is guided by strict rules. At the Law Offices of Alexandra Martinez, LLC., you can expect to receive sound advice and representation in the area of child support. An experienced attorney will assist you with all calculations regarding the appropriate child support, and will facilitate you throughout the process to help you get the possible outcome for you and your child.

Retaining an Experienced Child Support Attorney

At the Law Offices of Alexandra Martinez, you can rest assured that you are going to get the strong legal representation for your child support case. A skilled child support attorney is going to prepare a proposed child support order on your behalf, and will present that in court. This order is going to include a notice to withhold the spouse’s income for support. Once the order has been signed by the judge, a written notice will be sent to your spouse informing them of the money that is going to be deducted from their paycheck every month as per the child support order.

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